The Realme GT Master Edition Unleashes the Power of Windows Phone


Realme Global, a relatively new mobile application developer, today unveils the next evolution of its award winning product line, the Realme GT Master Edition smartphone. Built upon the powerful Android OS 4.4, the Realme smartphone is powered by the QSFP feature, which has been specifically integrated to provide the best performance and networking features to meet the mobile application industry’s requirement for ultra-fast connectivity. The Realme smartphone is designed for professional users who are always on the move. With its hi-tech 3D battery and powerful hardware design, this smartphone offers high performance and ultimate networking features to facilitate your mobility. These phones also come with advanced storage capacity and memory to facilitate your transfer of files and data to any compatible desktop or laptop computer. realme gt master edition

Realme smartphone is built upon the industry cutting edge technology and boasts of cutting edge features like Real Tone De EMP interference decoder, QWERTY keypad, large LCD touch screen, large capacitive text display, fast internet access, expandable slot expansion, microSD slot, USB charging cable, and body fit band, all packed in a classy material and equipped with a full-power HiFi stereo sound system. It also comes with a complete set of exciting features such as voice dialing, calendar, contact list, address book, games, music player, Internet browser, and MMS, which have become very popular with the masses. The high definition video camera with optical zoom and image stabilization is sure to amaze your friends with its resolution. For those who love to capture memories with their gadgets, the Realme GT Master Edition is equipped with a high quality lens. You can also make video calls with any of the widely available video conference services. Apart from these impressive features, the Realme Gt master edition is equipped with various other features like rich messaging platform, file explorer, MMS message, quick memo, and dual-mode Bluetooth connectivity, which allow you to send and receive files with any of the Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

This year, the market has been inundated by numerous new handsets from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia and among them the all-time best seller, the Realme GT. These powerful smartphones have taken the market by storm and have created a complete sensation in the technology world. They have the capacity to make all imaginable tasks possible within the reach of the smartphone users, from streaming videos, editing and sharing pictures, enjoying high definition videos, playing high-stakes games, accessing the internet, and many more. In fact, people have started to realize the importance of smartphone usage and with this realization, they are making it a point to buy the Realme GT master edition, as it fulfills the requirements and needs of the smart phone users.

Samsung-LPHP master edition is equipped with the advanced version of RealSpace, which has many advanced features like file management, sharing, and collaboration; it also comes with many third party applications, which further boost the performance of the phone. The HTC Evo Shift came with an exclusive application named HTC Hub, which helps to manage all the important tasks in a hassle free manner and offers a secure personal information transfer platform. The two smartphones also support Windows platform and can be used along with the Realme GT. With the Realme GT, users can enjoy the full benefits of the Microsoft Office running on the phone and this has made it the most sought after handsets around the world.

To top it all, the Realme GT is powered by the quad core Snap Kirin processor from Samsung and this is the reason behind its phenomenal battery life. Users can enjoy an excellent gaming experience with the high resolution screen and a large visual display. Apart from the stunning looks, the Realme GT comes with an efficient data core processor, clocked in the ARM processing Power Collection, which enables the phone to perform extremely fast and boost up the RAM of the handset without overheating it at any point of time. Users can get an enhanced user interface experience with the advanced Windows operating system installed in the smartphone and enjoy multitasking experience with the high end performance of the HTC Evo Shift and the sensational camera.

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