The Problem With Lipo-Dissolve

It’s being called the next best thing in Lipo technology; today’s Lipo-Dissolve is faster and cheaper than traditional liposuction. Lipo-Dissolve is a procedure designed to minimize the appearance of fat and cellulite. With this latest lipo technology, areas of fat are dissolved using mesotherapy, or a series of injections. Unlike standard liposuction, Lipo-Dissolve has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has not been scientifically proven to permanently remove fat cells. However, Lipo-Dissolve has shown to be extremely effective in addressing specific areas of localized fat. In addition some centers offer Lipo-Dissolve AT, which breaks down fat into a liquid in order to aid in the treatment.

Lipo-Dissolve was designed to address issues of fat in common problem areas like the butt, thighs, hips and belly. These areas can be problematic even when a strict diet and exercise regimen is followed. For women who have given birth, the idea of spot treatment can be exactly what is needed to smooth away those stubborn pockets left behind. Lipo-Dissolve also claims to be able to alter the appearance of the skin by assisting in its elasticity, something that deteriorates with age, and by cellulite removal. These are claims that standard Lipo does not make. Although Lipo-Dissolve is done in a series of treatments (usually four to five treatments four to six weeks apart) many claim to see the benefits after only one treatment. Still Several treatments are often required to produce the optimal result.

Lipo-Dissolve claims to be the “Botox for fat” however, Botox has become a household name mainly due to the many individuals who boast its benefits and praise. Unfortunately, Lipo-dissolve has yet to produce this type of following as few are willing to speak up about their experiences whether good or bad. This type of silence usually goes hand in hand with dissatisfied customers who are too embarrassed to complain. These are often the individual’s who settle for the “I knew it was too good to be true” rationale. lipo 360

Currently the American Society of Plastic Surgeons does not recommend the use of this technology. Moreover, Kansas and Nebraska are in the process of enacting legislation to ban Lipo-Dissolve completely. Today mesotherapy is banned in Kansas except when it is done as part of an FDA-approved clinical trial. It is worth mentioning again that Lipo-Dissolve is not FDA approved and the decision to have such a procedure should not be a quick one. We advise that you not only fully screen the clinician about his/her experience in the medical profession, but specifically about how many of these procedures they have personally performed. You may also want to get references and speak directly with anyone who has had the procedure done by this individual and do not be afraid to ask as many questions as possibl

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