SEO Guide – Backlinking

This is the first of a series of articles on how to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization. The better your SEO, the higher you rank in the search engine results, inevitably resulting in higher traffic on your website. While there are number of ways to do that, we will be focusing today on one of the main tasks – building backlinks.

For those of you not aware what this is, backlinks are links directed to your website. The way search engines work backlinks are an important indication of your website’s popularity and importance. Your site will be considered much more relevant in a search query if number of websites link to it.

I will strongly advise you to keep it natural. Do not resort to shady backlink building methods such as spamming forums and blogs, abusing wiki websites, buying text links from website owners and brokers. While you can achieve a short term gain, chances are you will eventually get caught and banned from major search engines.

Another important aspect of backlinking is quality. A bunch of links anywhere won’t help much. You need to gain authority in your niche and provide quality relevant content to the search engine users. A link coming from a page with unrelated content is considered less relevant, thus resulting in a registered bounce off your page. The more your content is related the higher the quality of your backlinks the better you rank in the search engine results. Sometimes 10 quality backlinks from reputable websites are stronger than 100 unrelated links from weak websites with bad reputation. Quality is crucial aspect of link building. 구글상위노출

Let’s get down to business:

1. Create interesting quality content
Be useful! If you are having a Hosting Review Website, make sure you have the most detailed, helpful and credible content on the internet. If you do it right, people are more likely to share it around in forums, blogs or their own websites.

2. Look out for the trends
Follow the trends and come up with a soon-to-be-important topic. Everyone wants to know what would the next hot thing be. When something new comes up, make an extensive well written review of it and people will surely share it. Make sure you give people what they actually want. If you know your niche well, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.



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