Monthly Horoscope for the Sign of Capricorn, the Sea-Goat



Monthly Horoscope


June 2021 – Horoscope


Lately, you have begun to look back on the days gone by. And it should not come as a surprise that other people are doing the same these days. The entire month of June is colored with strange and undefined thoughts. Focus and concentration might leave you when you need them the most, which, of course, maybe highly frustrating. However, on the other hand, it will also open the door to open your emotional state and help you stay in touch with it, which is something you have been secretly wishing for quite some time now. capricorn zodiac sign


It would be wise to stay out of affairs that carry too many secrets that might end up hurting the ones you hold closest. However rational and logical you might consider yourself to be, there will emerge certain circumstances that will have nothing to do with reason. You may set up numerous boundaries to protect your most vulnerable possession, your heart, but they will be broken down one day. Shield your moral imperatives and keep them safe and secure from unnecessary or unexpected intrusions. But before you do all of that, you need to make sure that you can trust yourself first. 


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