The Significant Benefit Of Considering LMIA Jobs

A Labor market impact assessment (LMIA) is a legal document that a Canadian employer must obtain before bringing in a foreign worker to work in Canada. This document is used to support a work permit application and is often used in support of a permanent residency application based on an Express Entry or NOC code. If you are looking for LMIA job in Canada, here are some great benefits you can enjoy.

High-wage foreign workers:

If you are planning to employ a foreign worker, consider applying for a LMIA. You should know that this process is slightly different from applying for a visa. You need to provide documentation to show that you have tried to find suitable talent among Canadians and permanent residents but have been unsuccessful. Also, it would help if you showed that the wages offered to foreign workers are similar to those offered to Canadians. If the wages are lower than the Canadian average, the LMIA application will not be processed.

Agricultural workers:

In addition to accounting for 11% of total employment, agriculture also makes up a large portion of the food supply chain. However, there is a severe shortage of workers, including seasonal agricultural workers who are not allowed to come to Canada. The fact that 73% of the agricultural workforce is foreign-born is one of the reasons for this shortage. Moreover, the volatility of commodity prices and the physical demands of the occupation often deter second-generation Canadian workers from entering the sector.

Private entrepreneurs:

If you’re an aspiring private entrepreneur in Canada, consider LMIA jobs. These work permits are available for both temporary and permanent residents. Several options include the LMIA-exempt work permit and the non-LMIA work permit.

Allow private entrepreneurs to be the owners of their own business:

One of the benefits of these jobs is that they allow private entrepreneurs to be the owners of their businesses. This means they can control their earnings and explore new horizons. The disadvantage of working for someone else is that you are bound to their instructions and may become dependent on their monthly income. The benefits of working for yourself are numerous. For example, you can network, explore new areas, and expand your business.

It emphasizes the importance of location:

Another significant benefit of this program is that it emphasizes the importance of location. While Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are excellent cities to start a business, many other regions are trying to grow economically.