Becoming a Successful Dog Breeder

Here we discuss what is needed to become a successful dog breeder and establish your own breeding kennel.

Before you even start thinking about breeding dogs, you need to ask yourself: “Do I have everything that is required to start a breeding kennel?”

What do you need to have to start a breeding kennel? poodle puppy breeders calhan colorado

The most important thing that every dog breeder needs to have is knowledge about the breed. By knowledge about the breed, we do not mean you read a book on the particular breed. We mean that you and your family grew up with that breed and have years of first-hand experience with the breed in question, as well as, its specific needs. Also, you need to have plenty of space to exercise the dogs and a rural setting or a farm with a large property is usually preferred. Breeding dogs in the city is not recommended, especially considering that there are restrictions in some places on how many dogs you can have in your household and you do not know how your neighbors will react to your dogs.

To start breeding, you need to own a quality bitch, in most cases more than one. She will be the foundation of your kennel. You need to have enough funds to pay for your veterinarian bills and general care for your dogs and puppies. If you think that taking care of one dog is expensive, then you should not start a breeding kennel. The bitch and the puppies need to be registered with a kennel club such as the AKC (American Kennel Club) or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) to prove that they are up to the standards of the breed. You also need to register your kennel which will involve paying for the membership and abiding by the rules of the club. Being a member of a club gives you advantages since you will be able to connect easier to a network of other breeders and be notified of special news and events available to members only. In most cases, breeders will take their dogs to shows and other types of competitions such as agility and obedience. This is where they can prove the quality of their dogs and their temperaments and preserve the true essence of the breed. Each time your dog wins a show or competition, he or she will win points and titles. These points show the quality of your dogs and your dedication to the breed.



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